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Material Handling & Equipment

Triple M Metal is home to a wide variety of machinery and material handling equipment which aid in processing, loading, unloading, and movement of material. Triple M Metal has the capability of shredding up to 70,000 tons per month, thanks in part to three industrial shredders, including one mega shredder located in Hamilton, Ontario. Mobile cranes, forklifts, shears, front end loaders, and torching facilities can also be found in many of our sixteen yards situated across Ontario.

On Site Torchmen Torching
Mobile Cranes mobile crane
Front End Loader front end loader
Brampton Shredder shredder
Fork – Lifts forklift
Bobcat bobcat
Crusher crusher
Two way Scale Systems scales
Wire Shredder wire shredder
Rail Breaker rail breaker
Shear shear
Mobile Baler mobile baler
Wash and Dry wash dry
Mill Processing mill processing
Metal Analysis metal analysis